The Ultimate Guide to Infographic Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Infographic Marketing

If I say that a picture speaks million times louder than the words, it would not be incorrect.

Infographic is an amazing combination of a picture and information. It conveys every bit of knowledge and information through visuals. Infographic has a deep impact on one’s mind and it is scientifically proven that our mind tends to remember visual information more than the written one.

Right from its introduction, Infographic has seen tremendous growth. As per the study of HubSpot, in comparison to other kinds of content infographic is shared and liked three times more on social media platforms.

As you can see on Google trends also, Infographics are in vogue. Visitors prefer them as they are interesting and engaging.

infographic trends

A high-quality infographic can help your content go viral in no time and in this article I am going to tell you how can you do so.

3 budding key elements of the infographic:

Design: If your infographic is visually engaging and professionally designed and on point then it has a tendency to go viral. Make sure your infographic is well designed and creative. You can take help of professionals if you need.

Factual statements: An ideal infographic must contain important facts, materials, and statistics to make it interesting and informative.

Promotion and marketing: Promote your infographic on social media platforms and blog post. Email outreach is a good technique to make your infographic viral.

Now it’s time to show you how can you design an infographic and promote your infographic to generate high-quality backlinks.

Let’s dive in

Design your infographic

Before designing an infographic, first, do some Keyword research and find out what topic of an infographic is trending in your niche.

Let’s say.

If you have Health niche blog, simply search on google image “health infographic” and see what infographic exist.

infographic google search

You can also use Pinterest to find trending infographic. Pinterest is a very good source for infographic because Pinterest has most of the infographic

pinterest infographic

Check the total of pins as well as comment to find out what people say about the infographic.

Buzzsumo is another great tool to take infographic ideas and research. Just type your keyword “health infographic” it will show you which infographic is on trending and which visitors more likely to share. Focus on Pinterest share because most of the infographic are popular on Pinterest.

buzzsumo infographic

Now you have ideas of your infographic that are in trending. It’s time to design your infographic.

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How to design an appealing infographic.

Take some time to design an infographic because your infographic only becomes viral and gets tons of quality backlinks if your infographic is Visually appealing.

With the help of several tools, you can design your infographic.

1. Canva Canva is famous among Digital Marketers, Bloggers, and Graphic designers. With canva you can design several types of Free infographic design.

canva infographic design

2. Piktochart You can create a high-quality infographic with Piktochart.

Piktochart offers you both free and paid plans. If you go for paid plans you can access premium infographic templates. With free plans, you have a limited amount of infographic templates.

Piktochart Infographic Design

3. FiverrFiverr is a freelancing site. If you want to outsource your infographic design Fiverr is a good option for you.

Fiverr Infographic

You can find designers for $5, who can create a good infographic for you.

Now your infographic is designed and ready to go. It’s time to promote your infographic to go viral and getting tons of High-quality backlinks.

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Infographic Promotion

Take some time to create your infographic design and content because if your infographic goes viral and gets backlinks its send a signal to search engine and your content rank increase higher in SERP.

Follow the steps which I’m going to tell you about the promotion of your infographic.

1. Post your infographic in your blog.

Posting your infographic in a blog is a good option because you can get a lot of shares and backlinks. As your blog already has traffic all you got to do is make available your infographic to them, it is more of a readymade promotion.

2. Generate an Embed code

Your infographic is easily shareable when you generate embed code for your infographic. You can embed your infographic by using Siege Media’s Embed Code Generator.

Embed Code Generato

When a visitor sees your infographic they can easily embed your infographic in their own site. Every time when someone embeds your infographic in their own site you get the backlink.

3. Promote your infographic on Quora.

Infographic in Quora

Your infographic is based on specific content. When someone asks a question about your content you can simply give an answer and upload your infographic with your answer.

4. Promote your infographic on Pinterest.

Infographic In Pinterest

There are tons of infographic on Pinterest. Pinterest is the best source to share the infographic. Upload your infographic on Pinterest

5. Promote your infographic on Reddit.

Reddit is quite popular for infographics. There are many subreddit where you can post your infographic and get tons of upvotes.

Infographic In Reddit

Before submitting your infographic make sure you read all the guidelines of subreddit.

6. Submit your infographic to infographic submission sites.

There are tons of infographic submission sites where you can submit your infographic and generate backlinks for your infographic. Here are some popular sites: (DA-85)

Cool Infographics (DA – 58) (DA – 56)

Infographic Journal (DA – 51)

Submit Infographics (DA – 44)

Only Infographic (DA – 42)

Infographic Plaza (DA – 37)

Pure Infographics (DA – 37)

InfographicBee (DA – 28)

Here are 40 infographic submission sites where you can submit your infographic to help it become viral.

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7. Promote your infographic by Guestographic method.

Guestographic is similar to guest blogging. Check out the full guestographic article by Brian Dean.

Publish high-quality infographic:

Design a high-quality infographic using canva or piktochart you can use Fiverr to find an expert designer. It’s the first step because if your infographic is not well designed then your infographic will not go viral.

Find Influencer who likely to share your infographic:

After publishing your infographic it’s time to find a person in your niche who likely to share your infographic.

Go to google and search your keyword, for example, if your infographic is related to health niche then search health on google

Influnencer Search

You can also use Ninja Outreach to find an influencer in your niche.

Then Email  for your infographic


I was going through some articles (TOPIC) today when I saw your article (ARTICLE TITLE).

Amazing stuff!

Actually, I also designed infographic on (TOPIC). As you have written such an amazing article on (TOPIC) I was thinking if you want to take a look at mine too.

Let me know if you’d like to check it out and give your feedback.

Talk Soon

Keep in mind, when you email an influencer make sure your offer is short between 90 words

Get backlinks

When an influencer like your infographic they embed your infographic on their site which means you get quality backlink.

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Up to you now.

Alright! My article concludes here, now the ball is in your court and it is up to you what you learn from my article and how you use it. Infographic is engaging and profitable but you have to make it more approachable. Fine quality and well-designed infographic can help your content rocket to new high rankings.

I hope my article can help you create the best and ideal infographic. I have tried my level best to answer all your infographic related queries.

If you have any query or want to share some of your experiences/feedback you are always welcome to comment/ask.



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