Youtube SEO: 30 Tactics to Rank Youtube Videos in 2019

Youtube SEO: 30 Tactics to Rank Youtube Videos in 2019

Everyone wants to increase the views of their YouTube videos. Many YouTubers wonder how they can rank their videos on youtube to get more views? Youtube SEO and Search Engine SEO are different.

In Search Engine, your website can be ranked high when your website has more quality backlinks which are called link building technique, but unlike Search Engine SEO we cannot do link building on youtube because Youtube has its own search engine and SEO techniques.

So the question arises if you cannot do link building on youtube, how will your videos rank on youtube? If you face the same trouble, so this article is the solution to all your concerns.

In this article, I am going to show you how to rank your youtube videos to get more views.

1. Youtube keywords Research

Youtube SEO starts with keywords research. The research work starts with finding the right keywords because it is a factor which decides whether your videos can beat the competition or not.

To begin with your research first you will have to create a list of all potential keywords and I am going to teach you how to choose the best keywords from the list.

There are several strategies to help you find the best keywords. One of them is youtube keywords suggest. First, you are to go to youtube and hit the search bar and type the keyword related to your niche, youtube will suggest you the list of potential keywords.

Youtube keywords Research

Why these suggested keywords are the best?

This question has an easy answer that is the suggested list of keywords is comprised of all the potential and popular keywords which are extensively searched/ browsed on youtube.

Now, videos are also ranked in google but its ranking technique is a bit different from that of youtube. You would have noticed that generally, the youtube videos shown in google start with “How to”.

youtube seo

For instance, if you search “how to do link building” in google, you will find numerous videos from youtube.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to know how many searches your desired keywords get monthly.

2. Youtube On Page SEO

In simple words, youtube on page SEO means the title, description, keywords which are visible when someone searches your video on youtube.

If your keyword is on page SEO, you can use your chosen keyword in your title and description. As you can see in the following photo Brian Dean has used the keyword on page SEO in the title and description as highlighted.

Youtube on page SEO includes another feature that is “Tagging” which is one of the most significant features. As you all are already introduced to tagging through various social media platforms where you use this feature, Tag, it is same in the youtube. With this, you can tag your potential keywords in order to attract more traffic and views.

A point must be noted that you should not use too many tags, 8 to 10 tags are enough.

3.Building Links

Links act as the helping hand. Building links to not only your videos but also your channel make a big difference when it comes to the views and traffic. It helps in increasing the traffic and views in the best possible way. It is one of the easiest ways to do so.

4. Take keywords ideas

Believe it or not your competitors are your best teachers. Someone can hardly choose the best keyword for his video on his own, it is nearly impossible to do so in little time. The best way to select your relevant keyword is to know what are the potential keywords your competitors are using. As shown in the following mentioned photo you can see that all are starting with SEO tutorial.

Youtube keywords Ideas

Doing so can give you a real heads up regarding your relevant keywords.

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5. Add target keywords to the description

You should always add your targeted keyword to your description while writing it. By doing so your video can attain more views and heavy traffic.

Add target keywords to the description


Youtube’s bot will see your keyword and fetch it.

6.Video length

This is a hot question “what should be the optimum length of a video?”There is no specific answer to this. However, it is said that the average length of a youtube video is from 4 to 5 minutes. But it is not necessarily applicable to each and every youtube video.

The length of your video depends on your content. If you are making a detailed video on a topic your video would be little bit lengthy, but you should keep in mind that not to make too short or too long videos as it is not beneficial for you in either situation.

7. Improve your watch time

“Watch Time” means the time duration people spend on your youtube video.

It is very necessary for you to maximize the watch time of your videos as it indicates that people are actually liking your videos if they spend more time on your videos. There are several ways to do so which is explained in the following steps.

8. Ways to improve your watch time

As I have explained the importance of watch time at an earlier point, now the question arises how can we achieve this?

The answer to your question is youtube. Yes, Youtube actually provides you with several reports which can help you to review the performance of your videos.

In order to see the report, follow the following steps:-

Go to your channel icon and click on Creator Studio.

In the menu on the left side, go to Analytics then to Watch Time.

Ways to improve your watch time

Reviewing your watch time report is essential as you can know about your viewers likes and dislikes and bring changes to further videos to attract more traffic and viewers.

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9. Retain your viewers

Sticking with your old viewers is as important as attracting the new ones as they are your first admirers.

There is a way to check your viewers’ retention report, you can follow the following steps:-

Go to your channel icon and click on Creator Studio.

In the menu on the left side, go to Analytics then to Audience Retention.

Retain your viewers

It gives you not only the audience retention report but also the benefit of checking the retention report of a particular video only by typing the name of that video.

 10. Use good quality equipments

Video means Visuals. Your videos must have the appeal in order to attract more viewers and it will be possible only if you have the good quality equipments. Following are the basic equipments needed to make a youtube video:-


Use good quality equipments

Cell phone cameras of your smartphone have adequate video quality to record a video. Smartphones are accessible as you would probably have one and they get your job done while going easy on your pocket. A point to be noted that if you are using smartphone cameras you are going to need a balancing equipment i.e. a tripod so that you can get stability while recording your videos.

Use good quality equipments

But if you have high budget and quality is a must for you then DSLR is an ideal choice. You can make your videos in high definition quality with zoom in and out option.


Use good quality equipments

Sound quality is another essential factor of a good YouTube video, and to get the clearest voice quality, all you need is a simple microphone, yes you don’t need to buy a costly microphone, but a cheap and simple one available in various e-commerce websites will get your job done.

Background and lighting:

Adding an appealing and suitable backdrop to your video is as important as other factors and so is the lighting. When it comes to adding a backdrop you must keep in mind that your chosen backdrop must be in accordance with your video and its content.

Use good quality equipments

As far as lighting is concerned all you need is a few lights focused on the subject of the video. You should avoid blazing {overly bright} lights as viewers might find it difficult to watch the video or even look at it because it can degrade your video’s visual quality.

11. Add Subtitles:

Youtube provides you the benefit of adding subtitles i.e. caption to your videos. Adding captions is a very essential step as it makes your video accessible to the people who are hearing impaired. It can help them to get the benefit of Seo like others.

Add Subtitles

Youtube also provides you with the benefit of editing the captions it provides according to your needs and content of your videos.

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12.Embed the video

Video embedding is another easy tactic to increase your viewers and traffic. You can embed your videos anywhere but embedding your videos to blog posts is more preferable.

Following are the steps to embed your videos:-

First, go to the YouTube video you wish to embed.

Under the video, click Share.

Now, click Embed.

Embed the video

Now a box appears, from that box copy the HTML code.

Paste the code into your blog or website HTML.

13.Create an attractive Thumbnail

An eye-popping thumbnail ensures more clicks viewers and traffic which result in better SEO. You must keep this in mind that your thumbnail should be not only eye-catching but also in accordance with your video.

Your thumbnail should accurately convey about the content of the video i.e. what your video is all about. An ideal thumbnail should have the following features:

Stand Out From Backdrop

Clear and Focused

Visually appealing

Stands Out From Backdrop

Accurately conveys the Content.

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14.Advantage of Engagement reports

Out of all the benefits, youtube provides engagement reports is one of them. Youtube provides various engagement reports such as subscribers’ report, it enables you to keep a check on your subscribers. It shows you, how many subscribers you gained and lost during a specific period.

Another report youtube analytics provides you comment report. Youtube keeps you alert about new comments and also shows you on which videos people commented.

There are several other reports such as share reports, like/dislike report.

These engagements reports make you aware of your viewers and audience, and also helps you see which video is more liked and the rate of increment in the numbers of your subscribers.

15.Promote on social media

Social media has the farthest reach and it is one of the best ways to increase your viewers and traffic. You should always try to reach your existing and potential new viewers on social media platforms. Nowadays there are several social media platforms available to you.

Share on Facebook:

We all know Facebook as the established platform when it comes to sharing youtube video. Facebook helps you to take the maximum advantage of an easily accessible viewer-base. Following are a few tips to keep in mind while posting youtube videos on facebook:

Use required tags

Use facebook live

Conduct interviews

Include an engaging description.

Share on Twitter:

Posting your youtube video on Twitter ensures there’s an archive for everyone who goes to your Twitter account. Following are the points you can follow while tweeting your video:

Create a catchy description

Use relevant Hashtags

Follow those who are related to the niche of your youtube channel

Create and Upload a small teaser of your video and put the link of the whole video in the tweet.

Share on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is one of the most popular channels to reach people. You should prepare an active LinkedIn strategy for marketing videos.

LinkedIn doesn’t offer the option to upload video directly, but you can use your YouTube videos to great effect. Following are the steps to update your video on LinkedIn:

Log in on LinkedIn.

Compose the text of your update in the Share an Update box on your LinkedIn home page. {Don’t click the Share button yet}

Youtube seo

Go to your YouTube channel, and then copy the link of the video you wish to use.

Return to LinkedIn, and click Start a post.

In the Add URL box that appears, Paste your YouTube link in the appeared ADD URL box.

how to rank youtube videos

Click Attach. Now LinkedIn gets the title of your video and adds a thumbnail picture also.

Now click the Share button and post your update.

Share on Quora:

Quora is a social network where users interact by asking, answering and getting answers to their questions and doubts. Now you must be careful that your content must not violate the terms and conditions of Quora otherwise your channel will end up spamming.

Share in Quora

First, you have to find queries related to the niche that mixes well with what your YouTube channel is targeted at on Quora, then you answer to those queries embedding your Youtube video. This will help not only the users solving their problems but also your video to get more viewers and traffic.

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16. Urge people to comment

How do you know what people like or learn from your video? The answer comments, viewers’ comments tell you about the response to your video or what they think about it. But it’s a two-way job, it is also your duty to actually encourage more and more people to comment and share their thoughts on your video content.

Following are the ways to uplift your comments section:

Indulge your viewers in a dialogue

Put up question-based on the video content

Involve your viewers

Conduct Q/A round

Quality comments help you show your viewers, subscribers, and others that your video is substantial and has something interesting to share. Thus they make your videos more liked, viewed and subscribed.

17.Urge people to subscribe

People ascertain the performance of YouTube channels based on the number of subscribers they have. The more YouTube subscribers give a sense of extra legitimacy, originality, and significance to your channel

Asking your viewers to subscribe can play a great role to improve your number of subscribers. You should ask them to subscribe below every post, it makes them feel indulged and important.

You can also multiply the number of your subscribers by commenting on other blogs. It helps your channel to reach new heights as it becomes open to new viewers.

Your subscribers are your constant support as they are the ones who are going to see and like your each post every time.

18.Acknowledge your Commentors

As I have stated in earlier points to encourage people to comment, now it is your duty to respond to their comments. Responding to the comments helps you in keeping them engaged.

You should always try to answer all the queries asked in the comment section and not only this shows them your gratitude for commenting in your post. The more quickly you respond with helpful information, the happier your YouTube audience will be and surprised since many YouTube comments on brand channels go unanswered.

19. Send an E-mail

There is another way to contact with your subscribers and that is sending an email to your subscribers intimating them about your new videos or post.

E-mail has the farthest reach as it helps you to share your content with your subscribers and increase your number of viewers and traffic.

20. Create playlists

The power of Playlist is another feature which YouTube has provided to its users in order to increase their viewers and traffic. It enables you to add content to your playlists.

It provides you with basically two types of playlists – series and regular. Series playlists are more considerable in increasing number of viewers and traffic. It gives you the alternative of organizing your videos in a particular sequence, in this way series playlists keep viewers glued to your channel for more and more content and videos.

Create Playlists

You can create infinite playlists that will individually be indexed by Google and this will give an option to people to not only found your videos by their titles but also by the subject of your playlist.

Create Playlists

As you can see Playlists are also ranked on YouTube.

Playlists also improve your “Watch Time” as it contains important and substantial videos which make people spend more time watching them. In simple words, it means the more time people watch your videos the number of viewers and traffic you get.

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21.Feature on other channels

To get featured on other channels is always beneficial as it expands the reach of your video by making it visible to a whole new set of viewers. It is one of the best but riskiest tactics to increase your viewers and traffic.

It is risky because you obviously want to collaborate with a channel which belongs to your niche but should not end up being your competitor. The best way to choose a channel is to look out for the channel which promotes complementary products of your product as it will be a win-win situation for both the channels.

To feature the channel. Go to your channel click on customize channel click on a featured channel on your right side Now add channel which you want to add and click on done.

Now to get featured all you have to do is to send requests to other channels and try to sell some substantial and original content.

22. Give Interviews

Giving interviews is another significant tactic to increase your number of viewers and traffic. It gives you exposure to a new set of viewers.

You should try to give interviews to those channels which belong to your niche because they are already in that business from a very long time and they can give you a big number of new viewers and heavy traffic that you may not be able to generate on your own.

23. Call to action {CTA}

Call to action is the most relevant part of your SEO. You should never ignore its use and importance. They instruct the users to take immediate actions and motivate them to take concrete steps toward becoming your regular viewer. You can instruct your users to like your post, subscribe to your channel, download your e-books.

Your CTA should be well designed. It should be clearly visible from your main page. You can use bright and catchy colors to design your CTA button to attract your viewers.

Besides being attractive and creative it must speak to users to click on the CTA button.

24. Advertise your brand

Showcasing your brand is a must because your brand is of no use if people do not aware of it and it is your job to give your brand an identity, originality, and authenticity.

There are ways to do a brand advertisement. You can add a 5-6 seconds intro video which will play at the start of your video telling your viewers about your channel and brand.

Same goes with the ending, you can add an ending video of 5-6 seconds asking people to like, comment on your video and requesting them to subscribe your channel.

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25. Upgrade your content

Your content is your vital element. This is the substance on which your video and channel are going to be judged after all so it must be your masterpiece every time.

No tactic or trick is going to help you rank your channel high if your content is not up to the mark.

While making your content you should always keep in mind that you incorporate each and every point related to your topic. You should always try to keep it simple to understand by keeping it precise and to the point.

You must not compromise on your content as it is the foundation on which your SEO tactics are based.

26. Edit your video name

Editing your filename from its raw name to one that contains your title or targeted keywords is another step to increase your number of viewers and traffic. Following are the steps to follow to change the filename:

to your youtube account

Click your account name appearing at the top right-hand corner of the screen

A list of links will be displayed, click the “video manager” from the list, a list of your uploaded videos will be displayed.

Choose the video you want to edit and click the “edit” button.

Insert your new filename into the text box, then click the “save changes” button.

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27. Appropriate video title

Title is like the identity of your video. You can’t ignore the importance of picking an appropriate video title.

While picking the video title you should always add your targeted keywords to your title and keep it precise.

Your video title should tell your viewers what your video is all about. You can take tips from Google to know about what are the most searched keywords and you can incorporate that in your video title.

Incorporating the most searched keywords to your title will definitely help your video get access to a large number of viewers.

28.Complete your youtube profile

Your profile is the mirror of your youtube channel. Your profile guides your viewers to find your channel by your different brand elements which are mentioned below.

Your brand components consist of logo, banner, background, color and you must concentrate on each of these while filling up your profile.

Use effective and attractive logo, layout and bright and contrasting colors.

You should fill your profile in such a way that it reflects the content and motive of your channel. Your profile should reflect the identity of your channel and it must be effective so as to convey something relevant about your channel

29. Create your blog/ website

Creating a blog to promote your youtube videos is one of the best tactics that you can use. Nowadays creating and managing a blog is not difficult.

Your blog will give you the benefit of embedding your youtube videos so as to attract more and more viewers and traffic. There are so many platforms that you can use to create your blog like:






Starting a blog and website and embedding youtube videos rank high not only the videos but also the blog and website which means double profit.

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30. Acquire knowledge at YCA

YCA stands for “YouTube creator academy” and it is a school which teaches you about the workings of YouTube and how to run your channel lawfully and successfully.

YouTube Creator Academy provides numerous ways to shine your skills to grow your new or existing YouTube channel. It gives you the knowledge about various elements related to YouTube videos:

Stressing on your description

Creating thumbnails

Video title

Doing uploads and creating playlists


YouTube is one of the best platforms to start a business but as they Rome was not built in a day.

You have to work every single day towards making your channel different and unique from the rest and I hope that the above tactics can help you in achieving that.

The best way to stimulate your channel is to make videos which people can relate to and acquire knowledge from and try to make them fresh and original.

Last but not the least, give yourself time and composure to grow your channel and you will surely get success.

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