Hi everyone I’m Neeraj Chand.
I am a Digital Marketer and a professional blogger from New Delhi,India.

Early life:

I was born and brought up in New Delhi. I was a normal kid with some extraordinary zest to make something out of my life. I was never a scholar or much into the books but innovative and practical.
I remember me playing video games and started taking interest in computer, technology and another advancement in the digital world. That’s when I realized my passion for technology and determined that I am going to build my career out of it.

Becoming a Digital Marketer:

Given my interest in digital marketing, I started a whole new journey of studying and learning about it. I have given my best to become a certified digital marketer as I am today and then I thought that I can guide and help others with the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from my work and experience.
I was always into sharing my experiences and knowledge with my friends and colleagues and that’s when it hit me that i should have an official platform from where I can reach out to people and help them who share the same ambition of becoming a professional and an elite digital marketer as I, hence I started this blog named SEO TRIVIA to give and share various strategies, tips and tricks to help those who find it difficult to understand the digital marketing concepts.

Birth of SEO TRIVIA:

I have started my first blog, SEO TRIVIA aiming to help and guide all the aspiring digital marketers who need nothing but just a helping hand of encouragement. I share proven SEO tips, tactics, and marketing strategies that are working for me. Unlike other blogs, I share real methods of SEO and marketing strategies so that one can understand the internet marketing concepts better and bring the shared tips and tactics into action to grow and learn.
All the shared strategies, tips and tricks are my first-hand experiences and total real deal. I only share those tips and tactics that I believe in and use in my work myself. I always thrive to provide a much-needed platform to all budding digital marketer so that they can take guidance via proven and practical strategies, tips and tricks shared in this blog and can implement and consider them in shaping their careers.

Some Words of Wisdom:

There are no shortcuts to success only hard work.
Create your own path no need to follow the trodden one.
Do hard work with smart work.
Gain wisdom, share wisdom, help others to grow.